Topeka Storage Solutions

Learn more about how Southwest Solutions Group will provide storage solutions that will guarantee the intelligent use of spaceTopeka is a growing market, which means organizations need to work smarter to stay competitive. While storage systems often get overlooked, the right storage and organizational infrastructure can give Topeka organizations a competitive advantage by increasing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. 

At Southwest Solutions Group® Topeka, we’ve spent 50 years helping private businesses and public institutions upgrade their storage. When you’re ready to invest in Topeka storage solutions, we’re standing by to assist. 

Are You Optimizing Your Storage Space? 

If your storage area is cluttered and confusing, it could be eating up productivity without you even realizing it. Employees may have difficulty finding documents, inventory, or the tools they need to help customers. Several different storage solutions in Topeka can make a huge difference in helping you to optimize your storage.

First, are you using your vertical space? Mezzanines and vertical lifts can create whole new storage spaces for your extra equipment and paper files. Next, are barely-used aisles taking up lots of space in your warehouse or storage area? Topeka high-density shelving could be the answer.

Rotary shelves allow you to double your storage capacity, while bi-file and tri-file shelves create rows of shelves in one area that can move side-to-side to open up access to back shelves. One of our most popular storage products is high-density mobile shelving, which puts shelves on tracks. By using a hand crank or a push-button, employees can open up an aisle between the shelves to access the items they need. High-density mobile shelving can increase your storage capacity by over 50 percent. 

Healthcare Storage Solutions in Topeka

Topeka is home to several renowned hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In these organizations, time is always of the essence. A slow response or a small mistake can have significant consequences, so the right Topeka storage solutions are a must. Some top healthcare storage products include movable casework, surgical kit storage, pharmacy storage shelving, and more. 

Every Industry Needs Storage

high-density shelving industrial storage kansas cityHealthcare isn’t the only industry we serve. Storage solutions in Topeka can improve the performance of nearly any private company, public institution, or organization. In the past, we’ve been proud to assist:

Invest in Your Business By Investing in Topeka Storage Solutions

We believe that the right storage really can increase a business’s bottom line. That’s because we’ve seen it all the time with our happy customers. So, if it’s time for you to upgrade your storage solutions in Topeka, our planning and design team wants to hear from you. Contact us today for a quote.

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