Keyless Office Hoteling Lockers

keyless pin code lockers hoteling denver colorado springs aurora fort collins boulder puebloMany businesses now use office hoteling to create dynamic workspaces for employees and save space. Office hoteling has many benefits, but still presents some unique challenges when it comes to the storage of personal belongings, supplies, and sensitive items. Day use keypad locks and keyless PIN code lockers are designed specifically for office hoteling to provide convenient and secure storage for employees. Design and installation services are available for businesses in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Boulder, Pueblo, and throughout the state of Colorado. Click here to learn more about keyless digital lockers.

Convenient & Secure Personal Storage

Personal and secure storage are essential in any business office. Especially when employees don’t have permanent desks, they will need a place to store their personal items. Many offices now use open floor plans to allow collaboration and workflow, but this also leaves less availability for secure storage areas since work spaces are always transitioning. Confidential items, paper documents, personal electronics, and other materials that cannot be left out in the common area can be stored in these lockers for authorized user access.

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With the transitional nature of the modern office, seating can change from day to day. Personal storage needs to not only be available and secure, but accessible as well. The hoteling lockers can be installed to optimize any square footage available in a floor plan so employees are able to store and retrieve their valuables nearby instead of having to travel to another floor or even another building. The lockers are designed to suit your office environment so they blend in seamlessly with your space and maintain a professional appearance.

one day use keypad locks office hoteling denver colorado springs aurora fort collins boulder puebloLastly, keys are inconvenient and take time and resources to manage. Keys are just one more thing that people have to manage and keep track of, and can cause delays if a key is lost or stolen. The keyless PIN code or keypad locks are a secure alternative that allow users to access items quickly without manual key management.

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