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Single-Sided Medical Supplies Transport Carts

medical supplies transport cart basket shelves memphis jackson oxford tupelo germantown dyersburg southavenFor even more convenience in healthcare settings, we now offer a one-sided medical supplies transport carts with basket shelves for hospitals, utility rooms, supply storage, and more. The carts are an efficient, clean, and safe transport and storage solution with a sturdy frame and a variety of options and accessories for healthcare applications in Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, Tupelo, Germantown, Dyersburg, Southaven, and throughout the state of Tennessee. Click here for more wire medical supply storage solutions.

Quick Point-of-Use Transport Customized to Your Workflow

The wire frame makes the carts easy to clean and keep clean. With a splash guard at the bottom, any spills are prevented from spilling onto the floor. The wire also allows for air flow and prevents the accumulation of dust and debris.

Units can be easily moved from the wall for thorough cleaning and then moved back or transported to the point of need. Since the carts are single-sided, they take up much less space when stored against the wall. The fully configurable cart accepts wire baskets and multiple accessories so you can customize the cart to your workflow needs. Handles are available for ease of use, as well as bumpers to protect walls and woodwork from damage. With the transport carts, it's easy to transport and deliver supplies, pharmaceuticals, liquids, linens, and other materials to the point of use quickly and efficiently.

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Additional features and benefits of the medical supplies transport carts include:

  • Standard welded frames in 24", 30", 33.7", and 36" widthspar utility room wire baskets rack shelves cart memphis jackson oxford tupelo germantown dyersburg southaven
  • Minimum frame height is 31" and maximum frame height is 72" with 1" increments in between
  • 2-position adjustable shelves and wire baskets can be mounted horizontally or at a slope for gravity feeding, easy access, and efficient inventory rotation
  • Wire baskets offer a high visibility, easy access, dust-free design
  • Divider accessories available for more organization
  • Slat wall and accessories allow you to hang items to increase the cart's usability
  • Compatible with a wide variety of industry standard hanging bins to provide one of the highest bin densities of any storage product
  • Vertical handles provide easy and ergonomic grab and push points
  • Wheels and bumpers prevent damage in the event of collisions while the wheels include two-directional locking casters and brakes for easy and safe maneuvering without spills

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides storage systems to streamline healthcare processes and procedures with standard and customized solutions in Memphis, Jackson, Oxford, Tupelo, Germantown, Dyersburg, and Southaven. We will also offer you a free consultation to determine your exact needs before the design or purchasing process begins. For more information on medical supplies transport carts with baskets or to speak with a specialist, call us at (901) 202-0480 or send us a message today.

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