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Last updated: January 02, 2019

Adapting sanitary wire shelves to compact mobile carriages saves space

wire shelves compact mobile carriagesMounting anti-bacterial-coated wire shelves to compact mobile carriages creates sanitary moving hospital food service storage racks that save space and more. It travels over gapless rails with user-operated power controls that manage aisle access. To create or eliminate space-saving aisles, personnel must use an electronic touchscreen located on exterior panels.

Completing this operation expands closed aisles wide enough to allow users safe access during storage and retrieval. Open and unoccupied aisles that waste space compact into a smaller footprint, allowing users to recover up to 50% more capacity and keep everything organized in less space.

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Facilities, like this one, can consolidate dry goods and non-perishable foods all in one system to ensure safe patient consumption while reducing equipment costs. Experts adapted the solution as an alternative to another creating crowded storage conditions. Learn more about what lead university medical staff to use it to improve efficiency and organization.

Efficient & organized moving hospital food service storage racks

moving hospital food service storage racksThe storage area flooded during a hurricane, leading management to re-think their approach to the matter. An efficiency consultant recommended that staff contact local experts who could analyze the department's needs. The solution replacing ineffective rolling wire shelving would need to address many concerns, including:

  • Cleanliness since stored items would end up in patient rooms.
  • Saving space and improving efficiency while complying with health and safety regulations.

To meet every one of these needs, experts created moving hospital food service storage racks. The design includes anti-bacterial-coated wire shelves integrated to compact mobile carriages that slide over gapless rails on an aluminum floor to save space. The easy-to-use touchscreen controls allow staff to have convenient access whenever needed. Equipped with a specialized safety system that regulates aisle movement, users avoid injury while retrieving organized patient meal items from the efficient shelving.

Watch a video highlighting how compact mobile storage racks save space. 

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