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Secure, convenient museum supply area storage organizes

widespan lockable door shelf cabinetsWidespan lockable door shelf cabinets and shelving with rods provide museum supply area storage that keeps bulk, oversized materials safe and organized. Staff collaborated with experts in this project to design the solutions which ensure secure and convenient space to store conversation materials. This includes large pieces of foam, as well as archival paperboard and pre-constructed archival boxes. Continue reading to learn more about the system's installation and use.

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Museum conservators and archivists must create safe preservation environments for items entrusted to their care. It requires assorted supplies to construct custom boxes and protective mounts or organize records and perform other conservation tasks. With many often purchased in bulk, museums need an effective solution to store large quantities of oversized materials. Storage areas must have a convenient location to allow staff easy access to supplies. The spaces should also be organized to protect an institution's material investment.

Staff worked with a local consultant to create a museum supply storage area next to the conservators' workspace. The goal focused on keeping supplies organized and close at hand to ensure convenient access. Users needed space to store and secure large assorted materials and supplies.

shelving rods museum supply area storageMany components would combine to create the proper museum supply area storage solutions in the end. This includes specialized shelving with spacious dimensions, durability, and configurability. Along with tall locking doors fit to 4-post shelves inside an opening, it forms widespan lockable door shelf cabinets that keep items safe and organized. Items sit stacked to maximize space and organized in close proximity to one another, making access convenient.

Shelving with rods allow museum to preserve material investment

Other shelving with long rods ensures convenient museum supply area storage that keeps large foam and paperboard neat and tidy. The bars provide a solid barrier which prevents items from coming loose and getting damaged. It keeps materials from destroying their integrity, allowing the museum to not lose money on its investment.

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