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Adjustable parish robe storage promotes cleanliness

wardrobe cabinets hanging bars dust cover shelvesWardrobe cabinets with hanging bars and dust cover shelves create adjustable parish robe storage that promotes cleanliness while providing flexible space. Components adapt on 1-1/2" centers, allowing users to create optimal conditions or make changes based on inventory needs. Durable steel construction ensures units have the strength to accommodate items made from heavy fabric. It keeps the systems from collapsing under the weight while supporting such attire. Stored inventory avoids ending up on the floor covered in dirt that costs money to remove, ensuring economical savings and sanitary use with every wear.

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Users have the flexibility to customize shelving with accessories and create a solution that meets application needs. Add locking doors that provide theft protection and drawers with space to store shoes or folded items. The versatile systems assemble without bolts or clips to ease installation and can accommodate more than church attire. Hang up everything from school marching band uniforms to athletic jerseys, community theater costumes and more.

Affordable wardrobe cabinets with hanging bars & dust cover shelves

The wardrobe cabinets with hanging bars and dust cover shelves have many features that add value while keeping costs low to ensure affordability. These include:

  • Single and double-tier units available with one and two rods based on the chosen design.
  • Depths: Measure 24" and 30" Widths: Come in up to four sizes, including 30", 36", 42", and 48" to accommodate user requirements.
  • Height: Measures 76-1/4" with other heights available upon requestadjustable parish robe storage
  • Systems come as free-standing units that can sit against a wall to save space or stand in the middle of the floor

Shelves include reinforcements for added strength as follows:

  • Top Shelves (dust covers) have no reinforcements but promote cleanliness to keep garments stored down below from getting dirty.
  • Bottom and intermediate shelves (if applicable) that measure 30"x24", 30"x30", and 36"x24" have one reinforcement per shelf. Shelves with 36"x30", 42"x24", 48"x24" measurements feature two reinforcements per shelf. Those shelves that measure 42"x30" and 48"x30" include three reinforcements per shelf.
  • Units come with closed side panels (uprights) made from 18 gauge steel that ensures lasting durability.
  • Steel shelves and hanging garment brackets can accommodate adjustments on 1-1/2" centers, allowing users to create optimal storage conditions.
  • Comes with two 2" kickplates to prevent items from rolling under the shelving unit.
  • Units made in the U.S.A.
  • High-quality powder coat finish with added durability, scratch, and corrosion resistance comes in many attractive colors.
  • Discounts available when users purchase more than one system.

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