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Trampoline Fabric Manufacturer Storage

trampoline retail manufacturer electric lift carouselTrampoline fabric is large, heavy, and cumbersome to store, especially if you're a retail manufacturer who needs to store multiple rolls at once. Storing the rolls on regular shelving is not only inefficient but increases the risk of employee injury during retrieval or damage to the expensive rolls. Additionally, these large rolls take up a lot of space. Trampoline retail manufacturers can store their fabric rolls on electric lift and storage carousels to instantly increase floorspace while improving ergonomics and efficiency with a simple solution. Click here to watch a video showing how the electric lift storage carousels work.

Electric Trampoline Fabric Lifts

With rolls that can weigh hundreds of pounds, trampoline fabric rolls are not easily retrieved when they're needed. Employees often need to carry or lift these heavy items, leaving them at risk for injury. The heaviest rolls may require a ceiling winch, which is time-consuming to hook up and use. The fabric rolls can also be dropped and damaged. If stored on regular shelving, the rolls might also be damaged from stacking them on top of each other.

The electric lifts and storage carousels are designed for retail and manufacturing applications storing a large number of fabric rolls, vinyl, textiles, trampoline rolls, and much more. With a vertical design, the carousels use your overhead storage space to drastically reduce your storage footprint and free up your floor for other uses. At the push of a button, the semi-automated carousels rotate up and down to the desired position. From there, employees can easily retrieve the rolls from an ergonomically placed workspace. There is no need to lift the rolls by hand or with special equipment for retrieval from the carousel.

manufacturer fabric roll electric lift storage carousels

Sometimes, not all fabric rolls stored in a facility need to be in active storage. By storing active rolls on the carousels, you can consolidate your "dead storage" into a smaller, organized, and less obtrusive footprint while making the active rolls easier to access. Additional benefits include:

  • Stores various widths, diameters, and sizes in one carousel
  • Vertical storage frees up floor space for other uses
  • Ergonomic retrieval prevents employees from lifting heavy trampoline fabric rolls
  • Integrated cut/measure/re-roll system
  • Fabric rolls are protected from damage
  • Security keypad prevents unauthorized use
  • Decreases the need for "dead storage" space

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