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Sound Business Rotary Cabinets

times two sound business system rotary cabinetsTimes two rotating sound business system cabinets provide double the storage capacity in half the space. These unique cabinets rotate 360° to provide easy access and double-depth storage. Click here to view and buy times two sound business system cabinets online.

Times Two Rotating Cabinet Features

The times two rotating cabinets have four sides, two of which are a solid panel for when the cabinet is closed and two sides for storage. The user simply pushes on the cabinet's door or shelf to rotate the cabinet open or closed. Cabinets can also be locked for security. These cabinets are capable of storing anything from files, binders, boxes, multimedia, and numerous other types of supplies. They are also available in a wide variety of sizes and lengths with varying shelves and drawers to meet your exact storage needs. All interior components are adjustable on 1/2" increments for future storage flexibility to meet your changing needs. Click here to watch a video about how the times two cabinets work.sound business system rotary cabinets

Times two rotating cabinets give you more space with just one solution. They occupy almost the same space as a lateral file cabinet, but offer the storage space of multiple lateral file cabinets so you can store more and save floor space at the same time. The cabinets can be placed against a wall or can stand by themselves. The cabinets and their components are powder coated for extra durability and are available in 19 standard colors. Many additional accessories are available, including pull-out shelves, multimedia drawers, hanging folder frames, and more.

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