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Last updated: September 10, 2018

Stock picking carts with extraction trays speed order fulfillment

stock picking carts extraction traysStock picking carts with extraction trays provide adjustable parts transport and delivery storage that users can bring right to assembly stations. Ergonomic, flexible, and durable components combine to create a convenient mobile solution personnel can depend on to prevent injury and speed order fulfillment. Designed as single or double-sided models, units can have open shelves that provide easier material access or closed bin trays that protect items during transit. Available configurations provide enough efficient space to where facilities can adapt either to allow shared department use and save money on equipment. Systems allow users to integrate optional dividers which help to optimize space while keeping everything organized.

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Cost-effective adjustable parts transport & delivery storage

The adjustable parts transport and delivery storage have many features that enhance value without adding to the cost.

Construction: All welded design featuring 1-1/2" square tubing with removable and adjustable shelves that allow flexible detachment and integration to ensure injury-free handling and optimal space use.

adjustable parts transport delivery storage

Shelving Trays: Shelving trays made from steel can accommodate adjustments on 3-1/2" centers to ensure users optimize footprint efficiency and allow easy removal.

Shelf Tray Dividers: Optional steel dividers sturdy enough to keep valued items safe and organized while separating space to maximize use.

Weight Capacity: Cart weight capacity totals 2,000 Lbs.

Finish: Gray powder coated steel finish provides an attractive and clean look.

Assembly: Systems ship assembled (bolt-on casters and add shelves) to allow easier installation and faster use.

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty

Made in the USA.

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