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Last updated: March 15, 2019

Efficient sloping grocery wire basket racks & carts

sloping grocery wire basket racksSloping grocery wire basket racks or carts provide adjustable candy display storage shelves that supermarkets can use to store discounted confections. This includes baked goods that have not expired or seasonal chocolate that didn't sell during holidays. The systems promote cleanliness, allowing them to serve as more efficient options to others.

One found in food retailer spaces includes more traditional tables that have their entire top surface piled high with individual chocolate bars. While signage can help draw attention to the area, customers often have trouble accessing items underneath. Merchandise that consumers find there can look damaged due to the stress of the weight from the ones above, decreasing profitability.

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And while those on top receive proper airflow to help keep them fresh, others underneath don't. It means employees must rotate displayed stock on occasion to ensure it doesn't spoil. This can take time to do, leaving other tasks undone and retailers feeling less productive.

The sloping grocery wire basket racks or carts can ensure food retailers no longer have these problems. Either configuration features cleaner construction that allows discounted sweets awaiting purchase to maintain freshness. Everyone can see and access undamaged inventory organized in separate compartments that have an ergonomic design. Users have the flexibility to remove or adapt components if needing more or less space to store sale merchandise.

Adjustable candy display storage shelves

adjustable candy display storage shelvesThe adjustable candy display storage shelves can come with or without casters that have the mobile flexibility to save space. Those on wheels allow safe and efficient relocation to simplify sales floor display rearrangement. Staff can move the units and what they hold in moments without removing merchandise first, streamlining the process.

Users can add affordable bin dividers to static and mobile units if desired. It provides a solid line of separation to prevent picking errors and keeps everything organized. Integrating the components to portable configurations can help simplify stock rotation, too.

  • Units come in 36" or 48" widths and 18" or 24"depths to accommodate user needs.
  • Shelf units include two flat shelves that fit the top and bottom.
  • Each unit comes with three basket-type shelves that users can install flat or angled up or down by positioning the shelf collar (clips) hooks
  • All shelves allow adjustments on 1" increments from users wanting to create optimal storage conditions.
  • Shelf weight load capacity: Supports up to 110 lbs.
  • Wire bin dividers sold separately
  • Tilt basket shelving accessories available to help maximize system functionality.
  • Chrome finish provides a clean and attractive look.

Stationary Tilt Basket Shelving Features:

  • Stationary shelving units measure 63" high.
  • Units have adjustable leveling feet that provide sturdy balance to prevent unsteady use on uneven surfaces.

Rolling Tilt Basket Cart Features:

  • Rolling cart units measure 68" high.
  • Carts come with four 5" x 1-1/4" polyurethane non-marking swivel casters with donut bumpers (two casters have brakes) that protect walls from damage during transit.

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