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Experts adapt shelves on wheels & add dividers for efficient storage

shelves wheels long dividers storageIn this application, experts adapted configurable 4-post shelves to caster wheels and added long dividers to create more efficient and organized healthcare supply storage. Their flexible and tall design allows the medical carts to store hospital lab catheters in optimal space that promotes order, allowing other advantages to take shape. Continue reading to learn more about how the health care center benefited from the systems' installation and use.

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Clinics, hospitals and healthcare facilities often need to store assorted consumable and non-consumable supplies and equipment that come in all shapes and sizes. The featured health care center needed an effective solution that could store a large number of catheters for their lab. Trying to stack the awkward boxes on small carts proved ineffective, making the supply room look disorganized. This arrangement caused staff to have trouble keeping track of the catheters, including some that cost a lot.

The local storage consultant designed a comprehensive storage solution that would prove more effective and allow other advantages to transpire. Its design includes configurable 4-post shelves on caster wheels that provide mobile flexibility. The systems also have long dividers that separate storage space to keep different type catheters apart yet organized. Specialized storage system carts that have 13" and 18" basket store other supplies.

Advantages to using tall medical carts to store hospital lab catheters

tall medical carts hospital lab cathetersThe tall medical carts keep hospital lab catheters so well organized that users benefit from their installation and use in other ways. The systems provide many advantages, including:

  • Promoting patient health and minimizing wait times
  • Improving staff efficiency
  • Protecting expensive supplies and equipment
  • Improving inventory control

The facility's staff can even move and reconfigure the carts with complete ease.

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