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Flexible scratch resistant movable lecterns promote productivity

scratch resistant movable lecternsAs mobile congressional assembly speaker podiums, these scratch resistant movable lecterns can accommodate politicians during legislative sessions. It ensures state representatives have a platform to use while debating political issues with colleagues. Systems have the flexibility to allow simple electronic equipment integration, enabling presenters to communicate messages in a soft yet assertive tone. Audiences can absorb what they hear and respond to resolve disagreements in no time. Then, leave the productive meeting feeling good about the contributions everyone made.

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Mobile congressional assembly speaker podiums

The mobile congressional assembly speaker podiums have a slim design that takes up little space. Political representatives have safe, comfortable access to the floor and can relocate systems as needed. Government agencies can leave the flexible solutions on the floor during public access tours and allow visitors to envision how the area looks and functions. As an alternative, cleaning staff can move units to janitorial closets during nonuse. With the stands stored elsewhere, facilities save space while maintaining a clean and organized look.

Ergonomic scratch resist movable lecterns prevent injury

mobile congressional assembly speaker podiumsThese scratch resistant movable lecterns have angled worksurfaces that ensure ergonomic use to prevent injury. Users have comfortable access to it and maintain good standing posture while addressing fellow politicians. Place index cards there to make referencing points during speeches easier. The anodized aluminum pencil stop prevents writing utensils from falling to the floor. Speakers can then make changes to presentations if needed, with little delay to proceedings. Top and bottom grommets allow seamless cable and wire entry through the rear column. Those voicing their opinion, then avoid tripping over the components and falling to the floor. 

Body Construction: Made from metal durable enough to provide long-lasting, reliable service.

Top Surface: Scratch-resistant thermowrap able to withstand wear and tear damage.

Casters: Two front casters provide safe transportability during space-saving relocation.

Finish: Available in many colors that add pleasing aesthetics to any space

Assembly: Systems ship assembled to allow easy installation and speed use.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer's limited warranty

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