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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Wet & humid area supply storage protects against corrosion growth

wet humid area supply storageRustproof counter high cabinets with adjustable shelves provide wet and humid area supply storage durable enough to keep corrosion from spreading. Units have a zinc-iron alloy coating that prevents it from growing if the paint gets scratched. Tools stored on flexible interior shelving avoid developing rust deposits and perform up to standard. Facilities then have the luxury to get full use from their material investment and avoid wasting valuable resources, saving money.

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Flexible rustproof counter high cabinets

Pick from shorter rustproof counter high cabinets or taller standard and combination options that promote ergonomic accessibility. All include adjustable shelves on the inside that users can adapt to create optimal space. Place toolboxes flat and stacked one on top of the another to maximize vertical capacity. Stand spray cans up to eliminate hazardous spills and create an efficient, organized environment. It ensures cleaner and safer material handling during retrieval to speed productivity. Optional drawer and leg kits available to add and systems ship assembled to speed use.

Standard Type: Standard-type storage cabinets available with adjustable full-width shelves that users can adapt to create optimal space efficiency. The 78" high cabinets include four adjustable shelves, 60" high cabinets come with three adjustable shelves, and 42" high options have two adjustable shelves.

Combination Type: Combination-type storage cabinets have a full-width upper shelf, a center vertical partition, three adjustable partial-width shelves, and one partial-width coat rod. This design allows users enough flexible space to keep assorted items separate and organized. As a convenient solution, it ensures users have faster, easier ready access to stored equipment.

rustproof counter high cabinets adjustable shelvesCabinet Construction: All-welded cabinet bodies made with sturdy 16-gauge (heavy-duty) or 14-gauge (extra heavy-duty) prime galvanneal corrosion resistant sheet steel. It ensures systems have the strength to prevent rust buildup and provide reliable service through the years. Cabinet bases come pre-punched to allow secure optional bolt-on legs attachment.

Double-hinged Doors: Three seven-knuckle 3-1/2" hinges per door made from 13-gauge steel welded to the door and riveted to the frame ensures more durability.

Door Handle/Latching: Pry-resistant padlock hasp turn handle with 3-point latching using 3/8" diameter rods provides efficient theft protection. Handle painted to match the cabinet and ensure an attractive look.

Vertical Side Panels: Sides include a welded-in shelf support channel with punched keyholes, allowing the bolt-in shelves to withstand adjustments on 3" centers.

Shelf Capacity: Heavy-duty (16-gauge) units can support 1,050 pounds per shelf; Extra heavy-duty (14-gauge) configurations able to hold 1,450 pounds per shelf

Optional Components: Convenient drawer, 4" leg kits, and keyless digital security locks that provide theft protection available as options.

Finish: Charcoal color provides pleasing aesthetics.

GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified SM

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty

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