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Precision Warehouse Design & Storage Systems

precision warehouse design texas vertical lift carouselA wide variety of vertical lifts, carousels, and modular storage are available for precision warehouse design in Texas. Read on to learn about how VLMs, vertical carousels, and automated pallet racks work to improve your warehouse storage, space, and efficiency.

Types of Warehouse Storage

VLMs (vertical lift modules) provide fast access to warehouse storage in a compact footprint by storing materials in an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays. To access stored materials, the operator simply selects the item from the touchscreen and the VLM automatically brings the item tray to the operator at an ergonomically-placed work counter. Pick-to-light technology can also be integrated into the VLMs to ensure that operators are always picking the exact item they need. The VLMs can store small, medium, and large parts up to 30" in height in a single unit and can recover up to 85% of floor space required by static shelving systems. The VLMs can also be designed to deliver items through floors, eliminating the need to walk up and down stairs. Click here to watch a video about how the vertical lift modules work.

modular storage automated pallet racking warehouse texasVertical carousels, like VLMs, are another system of vertically arranged trays. The trays within the carousel rotate at the push of a button to bring items to the operator. The carousels are ideal for storage and retrieval of small to medium parts and are available in a wide range of sizes to fit your application. Fast pick technology as well as a variety of safety and security features are also available. Click here to learn more about vertical carousels.

Automated pallet racks are based on the concept of high density shelving. They eliminate space taken up by static aisles between pallet racks (which can take up to 60% of your pallet rack storage space) and replace it with dynamic moving storage. To access an aisle, the user simply presses a button and the aisle moves automatically. Lighter-duty and heavy-duty systems are available depending on what you're storing, so they can accommodate anything from small parts to large, heavy, bulky items. Click here to watch a video about how automated pallet racks work to save space and improve warehouse efficiency.

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