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Last updated: August 21, 2018

Adjustable movable container storage racks allow easier part access & more

plastic bins wire shelf cartsPlacing double-sided plastic bins on wire shelf carts creates sterile adjustable movable container storage racks that allow users easier access to parts, medical supplies, and electronic components. Combine the components and users have a cleaner solution that keeps valued items organized and safe during transit. The baskets sit side-by-side, using every inch of available space to maximize use within a smaller footprint. The same components can withstand vertical and cross-wise stacking or nesting when not use to increase space savings.

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Plastic bins on wire shelf carts

Integrating plastic bins on wire shelf carts ensures users have a comfortable and more efficient way to transport materials wherever needed. It helps speed productivity while reducing injury and picking errors during retrieval. Stationary options provide the same benefits, including adding casters to ensure space-saving system relocation. Either solution features an open design that allows more convenient access, visibility, and dust-eliminating airflow to ensure clean material use. Users can even modify shelving levels on 1" centers and optimize space to fit changing inventory needs. Baskets have a molded label holder on the front and back to ease content recognition and can fit optional dividers to help users with compartmentalization.

sterile adjustable movable container storage racksConstruction: Made from industrial grade chrome wire that provides a clean storage environment

Posts: Chrome posts measure 1" in diameter and 74" high with adjustable foot levelers that provide balance to allow safe system use on uneven floors.

Shelves: All-welded wire shelves that allow air circulation, light penetration for better visibility, and minimal dust accumulation. Shelves can accommodate user adjustments on 1" centers to create optimal storage conditions.

Shelf Weight Capacity: Shelves have an 800 lbs. weight load capacity.

Installation: Systems assemble with a rubber mallet, allowing easier installation and faster use.

Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Made in the USA

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