The Realities of Open Office Designs

furniture and storage solutions for open office designs The idea behind the open office was to tear down the walls that kept employees separated from each other and management, and build an environment where true collaboration could take hold and productivity would soar. The reality has been a bit different. Employees complain about noise and lack of privacy, which inevitably leads them to be disappointed and unsatisfied. Click here to learn more about modular casework.

This is not to say that the open office is a failure; it’s just that the office environment is unique for every organization. An article from Building Operating Management, Rethinking the Office, states, “The idea that you either need to be progressive with the open office or resort to an outdated model misses the boat in so many ways, which is really a shame because there are some truly great things about the open office concept. Companies and building owners also have to step outside of the trap of thinking they either have to adopt a trend or fall behind. The reality is that companies need the right solution for their unique organization.”

Where Should You Start When Designing An Open Area Office?

So where should you start when designing your open office? Start with finding out what your employees need from the office to produce their best work. Some employees might need to collaborate frequently while others may need a more private area to make phone calls all day. If you have these two groups all mixed in together, it could create tension. But if you know ahead of time that they need to be separated, you can anticipate their needs and adjust your design accordingly. The same article also asserts, “Success depends on taking the time to discover what the company needs before entertaining design.”

Solutions that Will Bring Your Open Office Design to Life

Once you’ve determined what your employees need and decided on a design for your open office, you will need walls, workstations, cabinets, connectivity, and storage systems.  We can help. We offer a variety of solutions – specially designed for flexibility and sustainability – that will to bring the design of your open office to life. Click any of the links below to learn more.

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