Wall-mounted chairs fold up to save space and maximize floor use

wall-mounted chairsWall-mounted chairs or compact chairs with floor and wall-mounted designs or angled on static or movable bases fold up to save space. Built with a unique folding mechanism, models can open in an instant to give you immediate access to comfortable seating. Then, collapse into a slim, sleek profile when nonactive to optimize tighter spaces and maximize floor use. During nonuse, hospital corridors, lecture halls, and more look cleaner and inviting. Aisles appear more spacious and uncluttered, allowing you to avoid injury while moving more naturally through them.

Wall-mounted chairs ensure convenience and comfort to improve workflow

Since the wall-mounted chairs can sit angled on static and movable bases or allow floor and wall-mounted revit bim modelsinstallation, users always have ready access. You avoid calling maintenance to bring in less comfortable alternatives from storage. Without extra chairs obstructing aisle ends, everyone can enter or exit rows without injury or disturbing others. No one must squeeze past someone and risk invading their personal space when arriving or leaving. Because the furniture automatically folds when empty, you can easily tell when they are unoccupied. So, anyone that arrives late to meetings or class avoids asking someone if the spot’s free. Instead, they can blend right into the crowd while sitting down and collaborating with peers.

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Available models combine the rigid compression features of a cantilevered bridge with more flexible tension components found in the human spine. Through this distinctive design, the seats align with the natural curve of your body to maximize comfort and ensure you have better posture. Without discomfort preoccupying your mind, you can concentrate more on being productive.

Hospitals, schools, and offices can pick from straight or radius row configurations that have the strength to support up to 600 lbs. All models can also accommodate stylish finishes that add a pleasing and clean look. Available selections include:

  • Fabric or coated fabric options.
  • Birch plywood (natural or stained) laminate or veneer surfaces.
  • Standard powder coat paint colors.

Added benefits to using specific configurations include:hospital corridor wall mounted compact chairs

  • Seating angled on movable bases allows relocation to give you even more floor space-saving flexibility. 
  • Wall-mounted alternatives hang six-inches off the floor to facilitate cleaning.

Wall-mounted chair Revit BIM models

Should unexpected changes to the installation space cause you to alter your original specifications, architects can update the design through innovative software use. With a few clicks of a computer mouse, experts can let you know how the new Revit Building Information Model (BIM) seats will look. The price adjusts to reflect any revisions made, so you always remain within budget and have no hidden costs to settle. Click here to learn about other space-saving Revit BIM model storage.

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