How a Color Coded Filing System Works


Are you wondering how color coded filing works? Color coded filing systems assign colored labels to certain key letters or numbers of the file folder name. Assigning colors to key letters or numbers creates blocks of color or color bars when like numbered or lettered file folders are organized next to one another in your filing equipment. When file folders are accidentally placed in the wrong area of the filing system, these color bars are interrupted by a color that doesn’t match making the misplaced file folders obvious. Some of the benefits of color coded filing systems are:

  • Color coded filing allows you to find files quicker. Your mind associates to colors much quicker than black on white name labels. Color coded filing systems allow you get to the desired area of the filing system very quickly.
  • Color coded filing saves time. Reducing misplaced files with color coded filing and accessing information faster makes personnel more productive.
  • Color coded filing improves attitudes. Searching for misplaced files is frustrating and can produce negative attitudes towards filing, providing well organized file systems will improve the attitudes of workers.

Color Coded Filing for Fast Accurate Filing and Retrieval

color coded filing systems labeling and storing file folders

Records manager studies show that 80% of the cost of filing is in people time. Time spent searching for misplaced files is the largest cost associated with filing, not the cost of filing equipment or filing supplies but people time. Color coded labeling increases the accuracy of filing making files easy to find when you need them. Southwest Solutions Group® has been helping businesses improve their filing systems since 1969. Organizing file folders with color coded file labels makes your operation more efficient and productive. Files can be organized using color coded labels in numerous ways including alphabetically, numerically, or in terminal digit.

All Types of Color Coded Filing Equipment and Services

We offer all types of color coded filing equipment and services including consultation, file conversions, and scanning services. Some of our filing services include:

  • Consultation a
    nd feasibility studies
  • Filing equipment and supplies
  • Automated file labeling print systems
  • File conversions
  • Project managementcolor coded filing labels side tab filing
  • Records retention schedules and compliance
  • Document scanning services
  • Barcode and RFID file tracking
  • File folder and equipment moves
  • Purging files and document destruction

Color Coded Filing Planning and Design Assistance

Southwest Solutions Group’s team of information management specialists have the experience and knowledge to help you design or improve your filing system. Send us a message or call us at 1-800-803-1083 for a free analysis of your filing system today.