What is the Triple Bottom Line?

automated storage systems will increase your triple bottom line

Is your company focused on the Triple Bottom Line (i.e. planet, people profits)? The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) measures the impact of a business’ activities on the world and captures the essence of sustainability. A positive TBL reflects an increase in your company’s value, including shareholder value and human or environmental capital.

And your company’s building significantly influences its TBL. Adding automated storage systems – vertical lift modules, vertical carousels and horizontal carousels – throughout your company’s building can play an important role in improving the Triple Bottom Line.

Planet/Environmental Stewardship

A big part of environmental stewardship means protecting the air, water, and land while conserving resources, including fossil fuels. One way to accomplish this task is to construct smaller buildings, which you can do with the help of automated storage systems.

Using an automated storage system (like the vertical lift module), you can save up to 85% of the storage space that you would typically use with file cabinets, drawer systems, static shelving, or pallet racking. And overall, you can reduce the total building construction footprint by up to 15%.

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People/Social Responsibility

Improving the quality of life and equity for individuals, communities, and society as a whole sounds like a lot to ask from a storage system, but that’s exactly what automated storage systems do. And it starts with the “goods to person principle”.automated storage systems table showing the triple bottom line

The goods to person principle means that items (goods) are delivered to the operator (person) rather than the operator retrieving the items. What is unique to the automated storage systems (like the vertical carousel) is that the counter where the items are delivered can be adjusted. This means each employee can work in an ergonomically correct or ADA accessible position and still have 100% access to any stored item.

Profit/Economic Prosperity

For any organization remaining prosperous is vitally important. Reducing costs, adding value, and creating economic opportunity ensures people stay in business. But can a storage system really help? The answer is yes.

With an automated storage system (such as the horizontal carousel), operator productivity increases up to 66%. Optimizing the amount of labor required to perform certain tasks helps to reduce the building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Many businesses using automated storage systems gain a return on their investment in mere months. By combining the benefits of decreasing labor costs including workers comp, possible litigation and temps, floor space requirements, facility maintenance, and energy costs; sustainability provides great economic benefits.

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