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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Customizable narrow metal airflow clothing lockers built to last

narrow metal airflow clothing lockersNarrow metal airflow clothing lockers provide industrial plant employee uniform storage slim enough to stand against a wall and maximize vertical space. Slender and sturdy in design, harsh workplaces can depend on the cabinets to last under everyday use. Experts created the custom solutions to accommodate a facility that values durability and more. Continue reading to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the systems' use.

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Other storage lockers did not have the lifespan to withstand the harsh working conditions and needed replacing. Management did not want to experience the same challenge in a few years and decided to invest in a more durable solution. As storage experts go, this one beats the competition hands down due to these reasons:

It uses building materials that exceed all the rest to create durable solutions, like narrow metal airflow clothing lockers that surpass industry standards. The attention to detail specialists put in helps set the customer satisfaction bar high, eliminating competitors from the equation. While made with sturdy steel construction, systems can accommodate customization to meet user organizational needs.

industrial plant employee uniform storage

Organized industrial plant employee uniform storage

Equipped with adjustable shelves, wardrobe rods, and hooks on the inside, the industrial plant employee uniform storage keeps staff belongings organized. Users can secure every compartment using the 3-point locking device and a padlock to prevent material tampering and theft. Systems include louvered doors that allow ventilation to reach items hanging inside, ensuring dry and clean use. Units have legs on the bottom that provide mobility to allow easier lifting during space-saving relocation.

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