Adaptable and Creative Solutions for Storing Wet Specimens and Biology and Zoology Collections

high density shelving for space saving wet specimen storage

Wet specimen storage for biology and zoology collections can be a challenge because each storage situation is unique. Fluid preserved specimens are stored in containers like glass jars and steel tanks that come in many different sizes and shapes, which means museums need adaptable and creative solutions to store them. We provide shelving and cabinets that will keep your museum’s wet specimens and biology and zoology collections safe, and secure. (view images of our shelving and cabinets for wet specimen storage)

High-Density Storage Shelving for Storing Wet Specimens and Biology and Zoology Collections

With High-Density Storage Shelving, you can protect your specimens and collections while conserving precious floor space in your museum. The High-Density Storage Shelving can be easily configured to meet your specific requirements for storing wet specimens and biology and zoology collections. The High-Density Storage Shelving has numerous features including,

  • Moving carriage drives that minimize vibration and jarring to give you smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • Perforated shelves that will aid the flow if a jar breaks or if the fire-suppression system is engaged
  • Shelving backs and front ledge bars on the shelves that will ensure wet containers stay in place
  • Shelving that will store any size or shape biology and zoology collection
  • Flexibility to mount museum-grade cabinets on the moving carriages to create a unique storage system

Biology and Zoology Collections in Cabinets

wet zoology storage and biology collection cabinets

We have all types of museum cabinets and shelving for smaller biology and zoology collection storage needs available. Some of the standard features of these cabinets include,

  • 100% closed cell silicone gaskets: the gaskets are mechanically held in place to provide airtight storage
  • Liftoff door pin hinges: the doors open a full 180 degrees and are easily lifted off
  • Heavy-duty reinforced steel construction: provides extra strength and rigidity to withstand heavy loads
  • Powder coat paint: the non-gassing baked finish keeps collections safe for long-term storage
  • Full top overhang: ensures watertight protection from unexpected hazards
  • Ergonomic recessed handles: they are easy to grasp and open and are key lockable.
  • Three-point latching system: ensures maximum security by requiring a single handle turn, which engages the door at three points

biology and zoology specimen collection storage shelvingContact Us for Shelving and Cabinets that Will Protect Your Museum’s Wet Specimens and Biology and Zoology Collections

Southwest Solutions Group® has been helping museums store wet specimens and biology and zoology collections in High-Density Storage Shelving and cabinets since 1969. Contact us by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message, and we will put you in touch with the representative in your area.