An Inventive Solution for Storing Paintings in Rooms with Suspended Ceilings

wall anchored pull out art screen racks for painting storageAccording to this article about museum space planning, “Worldwide, most museums struggle with storage space; over 60 percent claim that space is insufficient to store their collection, and 25 percent claim that it is difficult or impossible to circulate within storage due to overcrowding.” The problem is compounded when the storage room has suspended ceilings. It limits the available storage systems you can choose – especially for painting storage. Pull out art screen racks are an inventive solution for storing paintings that will save space in your museum’s storage room while still providing easy access. (Get more information on planning for museum storage here.)

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Pull Out Art Screen Racks Save Space & Keep Paintings Accessible

Storing paintings in shelving or stacked against the wall happens. But it’s not good and creates many storage problems like wasted space and inaccessible items, not to mention the potential for damage. The pull-out art screen racks compact your paintings into a smaller footprint. And the racks have special screens that are like panels for hanging your paintings. This allows for easy visibility and keeps valuable artwork off the floor. 

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Features & Benefits of the Pull Out Art Screen Racks

The pull out racks are mounted onto tracks. The upper track is mounted to the back wall and doesn’t require any unistrut in the ceiling. The second set of tracks mounts under the panels with a wheel on the front of the panel. Because the overhead guide is anchored to the back wall, it helps to guide the racks out. And since nothing is anchored to the ceilings, these pull out racks are the perfect solution for rooms with suspended ceilings. Additional features of the the pull out art screen racks include:center aisle space saving pull out art screen racks

  • sizes up to 9’6” wide.
  • available in varying heights.
  • spacing between racks is adjustable based upon how they’re installed.
  • doesn’t require any ceiling anchoring.

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