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mobile systems house large mammal species to improve organization for museumA natural history museum recently remodeled their facility to add a planetarium and other visitor spaces. With the remodel, they also needed to relocate several mammology specimen storage areas. They chose high density mobile systems to house large mammal species and fit its entire collection into already existing storage rooms.

The mammology collection occupied the third floor of the museum, which primarily housed large land mammal bones, and the lower level with mainly whale bones. When the department was required to move out of the third floor, the collections management staff had to determine a way to safely preserve both collections on the lower level. Using compact mobile systems for their storage helped them use their space more efficiently so that they were actually able to gain storage space, despite the fact that they actually lost a great deal of floor space. The remodel gave them the opportunity to design a purpose-built facility used specifically to house whale bones and skins. The mobile systems keep items organized and prevents them from being damaged, increasing their conservation abilities. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving. 

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improving organization & preservation with Mobile Shelving

Prior to the compact mobile systems, bone specimens were stored on open metal racks and on the floor. Because they were difficult to access, it would sometimes take half a day just to move items and locate a particular specimen. Now, the shelving on the compact mobile systems have sealed cabinets that house small bones and large wide span shelving that is used to store large bones. The adjustable shelving allows the museum to store items so they can get to them quickly and easily, and they are now able to improve their organization by curating the specimens and organizing them by category.see revit drawings and specifications for high-density shelving

Drawers now house large skins such as those from the giraffe and buffalo that were previously hung from hooks. The drawers help them preserve their valuable collection because they won’t stretch from hanging and the skins don’t need to be handled in order to be observed; all they need to do is open a drawer.

compact high density mobile storage for museum artifacts and collections

The mobile systems were also installed several years earlier in the Anthropology division for storing rare artifacts. The mobile systems have solved both space and preservation problems for the museum, and the environmentally controlled cabinets provide ideal storage conditions for smaller items. The systems have improved conditions to help aid the preservation of their existing collections by making items clean and easy to find, where before many items were dusty and inaccessible. The mobile system was designed with open shelving for large objects and drawers for smaller objects. A silicone gasket that encompasses the perimeter of the aisle opening and seals when the aisle is closed provides protection for the storage environment and minimizes artifact exposure to insects and particulates.

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