A Better Way to Talk to Attendees at Conference and Tradeshow Eventsmovable meeting booth for conference and tradeshow events

As an exhibitor at a tradeshow or conference have you ever come across this scenario? You’re working your booth space, talking to people about your products and services, and an attendee walks over and right away it’s kismet. Your product is exactly what they need; you could practically make the sale right then and there.swiftspace folding concept

BUT you’re stuck in this open space with tons of people around you and no place to sit down and have a real conversation to nail down more details. If only you could make a private meeting space appear right then and there. Well now, thanks to the movable meeting booth, you can!

Set- Up the Movable Meeting Booth in Just Minutes to Have a Conversation

The movable meeting booth offers a great solution for groups of up to six people to gather in a comfortable, semi-private space. With its unique folding fame, including casters for mobility and attached cushioned seating for comfort, the movable meeting booth can be set-up in minutes by anyone with no tools. This makes it the perfect solution for having in-depth conversations with potential clients at conferences and tradeshows.

Additional Benefits of the Movable Meeting Boothsemi-private movable meeting booth for events

  • No installers needed to set-up or tear down, and you go from closed to open in under a minute.
  • On casters and lightweight to easily move from one location to another.
  • All parts are included in the booth, meaning no tools required or missing pieces.
  • Minimal storage space is required with the meeting booth isn’t in use.
  • Available in standard 60” and 72” heights with varying wall lengths.
  • Offered with or without front privacy panels.
  • With a variety of laminate colors and seating fabrics, you can create your own look.

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