Technician Pass Through Pick Up Lockers

pass through pick up lockers service technicianTechnician locker systems, also known as mechanic or distribution lockers, provide a controlled environment for drivers and technicians to retrieve and store their parts and equipment. These wire partition pass through pick up lockers for service technician and parts mechanics were recently installed in a large HVAC company warehouse to improve security, organization, safety, and efficiency. Read on to learn more.

Service Technician Parts Storage & Security

Being one of the largest HVAC companies in the nation, it also had a very large warehouse. Due to its size, it’s vital that service technicians’ tools are stored securely and organized so they can easily pick up assigned equipment.

The warehouse needed 152 individual pass through pick up lockers to allow for essentials to be passed through and distributed to the appropriate technicians. Since the lockers were installed with wire partitions, the distribution and receiving areas were separated for worker safety while storage remains visible and accessible.


The pass through pick up lockers for service technicians were installed around the warehouse’s huge parts department. The installation also included wire partitions and tunnel doors that allowed forklift access into and out of the area. The wire partitions and tunnel doors were also customized to the warehouse’s exact design needs to ensure organization, safety, and security all at once. The customization of the pass through pick up lockers and wire partitions also allows the warehouse to adjust the system as their workflows change.

parts mechanic wire partition security technician locker pass through

To sum it up, benefits experienced from the technician locker systems include:

  • Inventory is visible at all times
  • Controlled access to individual compartments in lockers
  • Easy restocking from the opposite side of the bay saves time
  • Wire construction allows airflow between stored items to prevent dust
  • Reduces time and costs from accounting for theft, loss, restocking, and managing items
  • Can be set up in any configuration to integrate with your existing storage

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