Industrial storage maximizes space use & ensures flexibility to grow

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Industrial drawers that install into shelves which offer ample space to store small parts while providing modularity that allows adding and removing accessories to promote storage organization and specialized storage provide the perfect solution for a heavy truck warehouse looking to develop an efficient and scalable system that could maximize space. A heavy-goods vehicle dealer, the facility was needing a new truck center to manage its growing business and some discussion about parts storage followed soon after. With its construction finished, there was a need to upgrade the parts warehouse, according to the parts department manager explaining the situation. Continue reading to learn more about the systems’ design and installation.

Wanting to maximize space use while having the flexibility to plan for future expansion, facility project managers went about consulting with experts who have much experience in providing industrial storage that offers superior versatility, durability, and scalability. Configurations such as industrial drawers in shelves accommodate small parts using maximum space while allowing accessories that are available to add or remove at any time to ensure system functionality that matches user needs. Having systems that offer versatility and modularity are often essential to expanding businesses like this one because they make it possible to take future storage needs into consideration, as well.

Shelving with drawers configuratorUnderstanding what the facility needed for their storage took little time on the part of experts. As the parts department manager explains it, the team helped with designing and laying out the parts area to maximize the available space. Those same specialists also made sure to make it flexible enough to accommodate growth in the future while helping solve complex part storage with a unique solution.

As well as having the ability to expand or shrink in line with business needs, the solution which includes industrial drawers in shelves that store small parts while accommodating accessories, and specialized storage allows the heavy truck warehouse to boost available space use. Units also help make it easier on employees to find items quicker in the parts department. With the warehouse more organized, employees spend less time finding parts and have more time to put towards more productive tasks.

Industrial storage “out-performs” users expectations

The parts department manager’s reaction to the industrial drawers in shelves that store small parts while offering to accommodate accessories and the specialized storage installation was sheer delight. He even went on to sum up his opinion on the systems and service excellence saying, “it out-performs” user expectations.

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