Track slider racks with removable bins store parts in less space

track slider racks removable binsSturdy steel track slider racks with removable bins provide high-density storage drawer cabinet organizers that have the mobile flexibility to store parts in less space. Systems feature double wide clear container shelving in the back and two single shelf rows in the front that users move side-to-side to ensure safe use to those behind. It creates a space-efficient aisle that pickers can access in moments to reach hardware stored farther back and avoid injury during retrieval.

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High-density storage drawer cabinet organizers

The high-density storage drawer cabinet organizers fit containers that have a clear look which allows users to easily spot dirt trapped inside. Users can tip the components out 45 degrees to allow convenient ergonomic access during extraction and speed cleaning. Able to see when the stock reaches low levels, users can even remove and refill ones nearing empty without much delay to productivity.

Freestanding and gondola models available to meet application needs and accommodate assorted small to medium parts. This includes everything from electronic components and mini automotive fuses to nuts and bolts and more. With baskets that have a translucent design, units provide visibility to eliminate picking errors while keeping items clean. It allows safer material handling during busy production times and ensures parts perform up to standard, enabling facilities to maximize their investment.

high density storage drawer cabinet organizersConstruction: Slider framework features 14-gauge steel construction durable enough to provide lasting, reliable service.

Styles: Freestanding and gondola models available to accommodate user needs.

Bins: Break-resistant injection molded clear plastic containers open to a 45-degree angle to allow users easy, comfortable access. Bins can withstand removal from users to accommodate filling and cleaning needs.

Finish: Available in many attractive colors that add pleasing aesthetics.

Assembly: Systems ship unassembled.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Made in the USA.

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