Small parts storage bay enclosures control inventory flow & prevent theft

small parts storage bay enclosuresFitting pallet rack sliding doors to warehouse shelves create small parts storage bay enclosures secure enough to control inventory flow and prevent theft. Have experts bolt or mount the components right to existing systems to ensure affordability. Facilities avoid buying everything new and can reuse older equipment to keep valuable stock safe and organized.

When many pallet rack bays are side by side, the sliding doors mount on a double track system and allow one door to move out of the way in front of the other. The components use nominal aisle space in comparison to other alternatives. This includes double hinged doors that bolt right to the rack uprights with simple hand tools. While this means anyone can complete system installation in no time to speed use, those with sliding capabilities still serve as a better choice in smaller aisle clearance areas.

These tamperproof small parts storage bay enclosures have sliding doors that measure several feet high to prevent unlawful access. The components include a padlock lug that provides extra security to prevent property loss. Add labeled bins to the warehouse shelves as one industrial facility did here. It helps keep everything clean and organized, ensuring efficient and safe material handling. Air circulates too, allowing items locked behind the doors to avoid getting dirty during prolonged unproductive use.

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