Interact with Our Innovative Automated Storage Solutions at Our Material Handling Showroom in Dallas, TX

material handling showroom with our innovative industrial storage solutionsAre you thinking of investing in a new storage system? There is only so much you can learn from reading about different products, watching videos, or looking at images. If you really want the full experience for how innovative automated storage solutions work, then visit our material handling showroom in Dallas, TX. At our showroom you will be able to see and operate all of our innovative automated storage solutions including horizontal carousels, vertical storage carousels, vertical lift modules, compact pallet racks, high density shelving, and more. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

More Information About Each of Our Innovative Automated Storage Solutions

Horizontal Carousels: These rotating automated storage shelves use LEAN manufacturing initiatives to reduce waste while increasing productivity. They are the perfect retrieval system for batching picking operations. In addition, horizontal carousels save floor space, improve picking and accuracy, and provide a quick return on investment.

Vertical Storage Carousels: Vertically rotating shelves rotate like a ferris wheel to deliver stored items to an ergonomically positioned waist-high work counter. The vertical storage carousels eliminate wasted walk and search time and the ergonomic design minimizes the bending, reaching and lifting to reduce on-the-job injuries that lead to workers’ comp claims.

ssg material handling showroom in dallas tx features automated storage systemsVertical Lift Modules: With vertical lift modules, you can turn overhead air space in your facility into productive storage space. Their small footprint and ability to store a wide range of products makes them the perfect choice for manufacturing and assembly line point-of-use storage.

Compact Pallet Racks: Reducing fork truck access aisles with compact pallet racks will maximize your storage floor space. These innovative pallet storage racks will double your pallet storage capacity without requiring additional floor space, or reduce your pallet storage area by half.

High Density Shelving: These rolling shelves maximize storage space to reduce construction and lease space costs. Less floor space devoted to storage in your warehouse means less space to heat, air condition, light, and insure, which reduces you overall building operating costs. High density shelving will make your facility more energy efficient while saving you money.

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