Rolling Shelving Doors – Locking Tambour Doors for Your Storage Shelving

Rolliong Shelving Doors

Are you looking for a better way to secure your open shelving parts inventory? Consider adding one of our Locking Tambour Roll Up Security Doors to your existing open shelving units. Industrial rolling shelving doors protect your inventory using your existing storage shelves. (more roll up security door photos)

When It Comes to Security, Rolling Tambour Doors Are One of a Kind

So what’s so special about rolling security tambour doors? Consider these facts:

  • Minimize multiple doors: Rolling Tambour security doors come in standard widths up to 12’ long and 20’ high. Use one 12’ rolling door where (traditionally) you would need four hinged doors. No more multiple doors to open and close to find what you’re looking for and no more keeping up with all those door keys!
  • Roll-up doors save space: Rolling tambour security doors are designed to roll up not swing out. No need to move those boxes stacked on the floor in front of the shelving doors because our doors roll up, not swing out.
  • Quicker, easier security: Tambour rolling doors also save you more time than hinged doors because you no longer have to open each door to search for stored items. Just open the one rolling security door and all your inventory items are right there and accessible to you.
  • Unique applications: Rolling overhead tambour door’s design allow for some really unique applications like adding them to your existing shelving units (even wood units) or adding a door to a customer service issue counter opening or even a door to a room opening.
  • Aesthetically designed: Rolling tambour doors are aesthetically pleasing and are available in a wide variety of colors, including see-through translucent doors. You can even add a logo to the doors.
  • Flexible security: The rolling tambour locking door can be added to your existing industrial storage system and it will disguise whatever you have behind it.

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How Do Security Overhead Rolling Doors Work?

industrial rolling locking shelving doors extra wide one piece security door

Rolling overhead security doors mount on top of shelving and rolls up into an overhead compartment when the door is open for use. There are three methods of control to open and close tambour security doors.

  1. Manual Operation: The first option is to manually open and close them like you would a garage door. Because the doors are very lightweight, they are easy to open and close manually. The handle is also placed at an ergonomic waste-high level so that you don’t have to bend over when opening the doors.
  2. Remote Operation: The second option is by a handheld remote control device. You can easily open and close the rolling doors with the simple press of a button.
  3. TouchPad Operation: The third option is a touchpad that is located on the side or near the storage cabinet. Simply key in your security code to open and close the door. This is an excellent security option because you can set a code that only you or authorized personnel know, which means you can control who has access to the stored items.


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Are You Ready to Secure Your Inventory With Tambour Rolling Doors?

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