Metal Lockers with Ventilation

metal lockers with ventilationMetal lockers with ventilation are made using heavy 16-gauge metal with various shaped perforations to maximize airflow in a variety of applications. The locker doors include rubber bumpers to ensure the quiet opening and closing of the doors. The handles are recessed and controlled by a finger-lift function. The ventilated lockers also include a blank number plate. We also offer tier lockers. These tiers include:

  • Single Tier Metal Lockers: Offers a powder coat finish and includes a 3-point locking system. Also included are single and double coat hooks.
  • Double Tier Metal Lockers: These lockers are constructed with a 2-point locking system, stainless steel door latch, and a double or single prong coat hooks.

Our heavy-duty metal locker systems offer security, visibility and air ventilation for schools, warehouses, gyms, and much more. Their perforated design keeps items dry and fresh, making them perfect for storing uniforms, gym clothes, equipment, backpacks, purses, and other valuables.

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Benefits of Using Metal Locker Systems

  • Our lockers offer maximum security while allowing ventilated airflow.vented metal locker storage
  • The airflow ventilation system allows items stored inside to remain dry and order free.
  • The versatile locker systems work well in schools, offices, gyms, locker rooms, and warehouses. Our metal lockers can even come wall-mounted!
  • Lockers offer multi-tier styles with a friction catch door pull.
  • Our systems can meet various needs as we offer numerous sizes with over 28 different colors.

Locker storage solutions from Southwest Solutions Group® have what it takes to withstand the daily use and abuse typically dealt to a locker. A wide variety of handle and ventilation options are available. Our metal locker solutions come in several configurations and sizes for any application. 

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