Fireproof Storage for Watches & Jewelry Spare Parts

fireproof protective automatic carousel storagePreviously, only two watchmakers worked in the service department of a large watch and jewelry retailer. The company wanted to bring the skills of watchmakers and goldsmiths together and open up one of the largest watch and jewelry workshops of any retail dealer. With 13 new workplaces, space had to be used incredibly efficiently for various high-quality spare parts stored in a safe, fireproof, central location. Fireproof protective automatic carousel storage units were installed in the space for storage of spare parts for watches and jewelry while providing all of their security and safety needs in a small footprint. Click here to learn more about automated storage solutions.

Fire Protection with Space Savings

A fireproof protective automatic carousel storage unit was installed for the safe storage of watches and jewelry spare parts. The fireproof covering on the automatic carousel is connected to the in-house fire alarm system. If the alarm is tripped, the fireproof protective doors to the carousel are automatically closed.

In addition to the fireproof covering, the automatic carousel offers numerous productivity and space-saving benefits. By using the “goods to person” principle, items are delivered directly to the operator at the push of a button. The carousel provides a storage space of 245 square feet in a floor space of just 41 square feet. The drawers are placed at an ergonomic retrieval height, so the machine is easy for any of the staff to use.

watches jewelry spare parts fire protective storage

The retailer experienced many additional benefits after the installation of the carousels, including:

  • More secure storage for watches and jewelry spare parts
  • Fireproof storage provides further protection
  • Enhanced space savings through optimal use of space
  • Space savings allow more work tables and desks for a more productive environment
  • Faster and more convenient access with push-button controls and automatic delivery
  • Improved inventory control due to enhanced organization and centralization
  • Carousels designed to the exact height needed based on their ceiling

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