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equipment conveyor crossover stairway units & walkwaysEquipment and conveyor crossover stairway units create OSHA compliant safe walkways to allow users to comfortable and safely walk over conveyors, machinery, duct work, or other obstacles that impede pedestrian traffic. Crossover stairway units come standard or can be customized to fit your specific safety and access needs in your industrial material handling, commercial, or distribution applications.

types of conveyor crossover configurations

Equipment and conveyor crossover stairway units come in many different configurations:

Crossovers with ladders: Crossover ladder units are ideal for when access is important but space is limited. A crossover ladder units takes up very little floor space while still enabling workers to travel over conveyors, mechanical equipment, and pipe runs. Ladder rungs have treads for sure footing to prevent falls and injury and include handrails. These are perfect for rooftop access and parapets.

Modular crossovers: Modular construction allows flexibility and the ability to reconfigure the units as your space needs and layout changes while still allowing complete access over conveyors, pipelines, and other obstructing equipment. The modular units bolt together for sturdy support to create work platforms, access stations, and production crossover walkways from basic components.industrial OSHA compliant safe conveyor crossover stairway units

U-Shaped crossovers: These crossover units allow you to save floor space and still have stair access with sturdy steel construction and a 45-degree stair angle on a 9″ rise for an easy climb. The stairs are positioned parallel to obstructions to save floor space and the sturdy steel decking is 24″ wide with 4″ toe-boards.

Welded crossovers: Welded crossover units are sturdy welded tubular steel construction with a 45-degree stair angle and 9″ rise for an easy climb. These units allow you to regain access to vital facility sections without having to move any of your existing equipment.

The conveyor equipment and conveyor crossover stairway units come in many configurations and materials. Welded steel is generally used for crossovers in standard straight, U-shaped, and configurations with ladders. Modular crossovers are generally made of a lighter weight material like aluminum. Welded steel is incredibly durable with a high weight capacity but are difficult to move once they have been installed, but it’s possible for them to be broken down for easier re-locating. Modular crossovers don’t have the same weight capacity as steel crossovers, but their modular lightweight design allows them to be taken apart and reconfigured with ease to meet new needs or be transported. Custom fabrication and materials are available depending on your specific needs.

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