Automatic Pallet Wrap Machine

automatic pallet stretch shrink wrap machineThe automatic pallet stretch shrink wrap machine with low profile rampless loading makes packaging processes easy and efficient in less space. With its low profile frame mounted less than 3/4″ from the floor, users can simply roll pallets directly onto the platform without the need for additional pallet jacks or fork trucks. Watch the video above to see how it works.

Rampless Pallet Shrink Wrapping Machine

Proper pallet packaging is extremely important and can cause massive losses in profit and productivity if they are wrapped improperly. Weak and inconsistent packaging may lead to pallets and products being damaged during transport, and this also increases liability for employee injuries. Additionally, hand wrapping pallets is time-consuming and is a task that can be easily automated so you can delegate your workforce to more important tasks.

With the automatic pallet wrap machines, every pallet is wrapped consistently with maximum durability that ensures proper safety. Its low profile rampless loading also makes it fast and easy to load the pallet onto the platform; all the user needs to do is push a button and let the machine do its work. With pre-programmable parameters, you can adjust each wrapping cycle to your exact needs to ensure consistency for every pallet.

Additionally, the low profile frame has no need for standard 5′ or 7′ long ramps. In a warehouse, every inch of space matters. This allows you to make the most of your space while also improving efficiency and ergonomics. Additional features and benefits include:

  • No need for long and steep loading rampslow profile rampless loading pallet wrap machine
  • Ultra low profile ramp sits less than 3/4″ from the floor
  • Rampless design saves floor space
  • Reduces forklift impact abuse
  • Easier and safer to load with any equipment
  • Easily transition load from three sides
  • Maintenance-free drive system
  • Durable rack and pinion carriage drive system decreases down time
  • Integrated PLC controls
  • Onboard diagnostics for fast repairs
  • 250% film pre-stretch
  • Password protection
  • A wide array of wrap cycle parameters

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