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Last updated: May 11, 2018

Adding utility & plastic bin panels ensures organized material handling storage

industrial tech tool cartsIndustrial tech tool carts with utility and plastic bin panels provide material handling storage that keeps items organized. Combine many components to create an ergonomic, multifunctional solution with high mobile flexibility. This includes drawers that have the capacity to ensure users can transport items safely. Others like roll-out shelves have an expandable work surface with space that can serve many purposes to support productivity.

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Versatile industrial tech tool carts 

The industrial tech tool carts have a small and light design that can move with efficient ease to bring materials wherever users need. Integrating accessories ensures users have a customized solution with the versatility to accommodate multiple uses. Users can design units with ample storage space and a convenient work surface to place items on. Another option could have secure storage space within drawers and under the cover to keep valued items safe. Users can work sitting or stand and still have comfortable access to materials.

Get maximum benefit from industrial tech tool carts

utility plastic bin panels material handling storageConfigurations can have other features that add value while ensuring users get the most benefit from these industrial tech tool carts. Available accessories include:

  • Comfortable, ergonomic handles ease steering to prevent physical injury.
  • Customize with convenient finishing, utility or plastic bin panels that promote organization
  • Front or side drawers have a lock-in mechanism to keep them closed even in transit, allowing users to protect valued items. Each can support a 50 lb. load capacity.
  • Lockable security cover opens 90 degrees to provide unrestricted access to the work area.
  • Roll-out shelf allows convenient work surface space expansion.
  • Superior-quality 3" casters provide safe transportability.
  • Vertical bumpers protect vehicles from accidental bumps.

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