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Last updated: February 22, 2017

Historical Saddle Preservation & Storage

high density compact museum artifact racksHigh density compact museum artifact racks provide a historical saddle storage system that stores and preserves in less space than traditional racks. Click here to learn more about high density storage solutions, or read on to learn about how high density storage was used to properly store saddles for a museum.

Compact Museum Artifact Racks

Proper storage of saddles is key to preservation and preventing damage to their shape. When saddles are historical artifacts, proper storage is even more important. Saddle storage requires support wide enough to prevent curling and high enough for the stirrups to hang without losing their shape.

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One museum of art history needed a way to properly store their saddle artifacts while maximizing their existing storage space. The museum was in the midst of renovations, which would include an additional area that would meet the increasing needs of their diverse collection. A saddle storage area would be added in conjunction to these additions.

historical saddle storage system compact museum racks

High density compact museum artifact racks were designed and incorporated for this unique storage solution. A sturdy bracket was designed and mounted on a cantilever frame, utilizing a shelf made with formed, perforated metal to provide support for the saddle shapes and allow for sufficient air flow. Saddle brackets are placed at a height tall enough to allow stirrups, straps, and saddle strings to hang without bending. To maximize their space, the cantilever units were mounted on high density compact racks. These racks roll together to eliminate the need for extra aisle space and can be accessed easily with the turn of a handle.

The mobile cantilever shelving with saddle brackets both provides proper storage of historical saddle artifacts but also helps simplify curator retrieval. The curator simply opens an aisle and can clearly see all the saddles stored within. This eliminates the need for the curator to have to search through aisles of shelving and saddles to retrieve a specific one. Click here to see more of our museum compact storage solutions.

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