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Last updated: March 12, 2019

Easy-to-clean adjustable food pantry storage

heavy duty plastic rust resistant removable racksHeavy-duty plastic rust resistant removable racks and adjustable food pantry storage provide easy-to-clean shelving that nonprofits can use. Able to adapt components, users can create optimal conditions based on inventory needs. With support from a steel framework, the durable shelves can accommodate bulky can donations. Resources avoid taking up floor space, allowing volunteers safer access during supply consolidation.

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With an open design, units ensure users have ergonomic access to supplies and avoid injury during retrieval. It provides clean airflow to eliminate dust accumulation and ensure safe consumption during meal times. Personnel can see everything, ensuring more accurate picking and fewer errors during distribution.

Able to view stock, staff can remove things that have expired during restocking and avoid handing out unsafe donations to those in need. Nonprofits avoid collecting unusable waste due to spoiling and have fresh goods to hand out during emergencies. This includes government shutdowns when employees work without pay and can’t afford food.

Flexible heavy-duty plastic rust resistant removable racks

adjustable food pantry storageThe heavy-duty plastic rust resistant removable racks can have casters (where applicable) that facilitate space-saving relocation. Store bulky cans and packaged goods in a stacking capacity to maximize footprint efficiency. Organize everything with labels facing front to simplify title reading and eliminate picking errors.

Construction: Units have steel anti-microbial frames with removable and washable plastic shelves durable enough to provide lasting, reliable service.

Posts: Steel 1" posts have an anti-bacterial blue finish that provides a clean and attractive look.

Shelves: Have a smooth, vented, open grid surface that allows efficient air circulation to reduce dust and keep everything clean. Users can remove the dishwasher safe components during cleaning to simplify the process. The plastic material does not dent, chip, rust, or corrode, ensuring damage-free use. Shelves allow adjustments on 1" increments from users wanting to create optimal storage conditions.

Casters (where applicable): Four 5" swivel poly stem casters (2 with brakes) with donut bumpers provide safe transport while protecting walls from scratch damage.

Weight Capacity:  Systems have a 600 lb. weight capacity per shelf (evenly distributed).

Finish: Post and frames have an anti-microbial blue finish while the plastic shelves come in white.

Assembly: Systems ship unassembled but allow easy user assembly with a plastic mallet to simplify installation and speed use.

Certifications: National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved.

Warranty: Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.

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