Medical Supply Carts with Wire Trays & Baskets

medical supply tray basket storage systemPlastic mesh tray and basket storage systems are ideal for storing medical supply and inventory for healthcare applications. The plastic mesh is easy to keep clean, and the mobile carts are easy to move quickly from one department to another. Additionally, the wire allows for optimum ventilation for stored supplies and prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt.

The medical supply carts are great for bulk storage and for storing items that aren’t suited for flat metal shelving. The individual pull-out drawers are adjustable and save space when not in use. Heavy-duty carts and double-bay carts are also available depending on your needs.

Standard-duty carts features

  • Adjustable drawers and pull-out shelv
  • Drawers can be divided into smaller sections using short and long dividers
  • Safety stops prevent baskets from opening during transport
  • Indicated units include an upper slanted basket for easier access to upper level
  • Label holders included where indicated; additional label holders can be added
  • Slanted slide extensions and additional safety stops can be added
  • 3″, 5″, or 8″ deep wire basket drawers available
  • Plastic basket drawers are  available in 2″, 4″, or 8″ deep
  • The tray & basket storage system can easily be expanded with add-on units
  • Available in several cart types with baskets or shelves with full extension glides

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In-Stock Basket & Pull-out Shelf Carts

Cart Type
Standard-Duty Carts (800# Capacity)
Heavy-Duty Carts (1200# Capacity)
Doublewide Carts (1200# Capacity)
Carts with Wire Pull-out Shelves
Combo Cart with Baskets & Shelves


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