Healthcare Surgical Storage Shelving and Medical Surgery Supply Cabinets hospital-surgical-storage-high-density-shelving

During surgery, ready supply access and sterility can mean the difference between a healthy patient and a compromised recovery (view medical storage image gallery). Spacesaver® Healthcare Surgical Storage Shelving and medical surgery supply cabinets can provide twice the capacity of typical storage and have a host of features that permit rapid retrievals without jeopardizing cleanliness.

Features and Benefits of Spacesaver’s Shelving and Cabinets for Surgical Supplies:

  • Provide efficient, centralized surgery storage of pre-op, post-op and surgical equipment and supplies
  • Maximize surgery supply storage density in the operating suite
  • Allow for the most effective mix of revenue generating procedure and storage space
  • Can be designed with features that minimize dust collection and contribute to cleanliness of stored surgery materials such as wire shelving
  • Efficiently accommodate prepared surgery case carts
  • Can incorporate Stat Storage™ – units with clear acrylic end panels that offer full visual access while protecting stored items
  • Are easily reconfigured when your surgery storage needs change
  • Improve access with end cap shelves for frequently-needed items
  • Can incorporate specialized surgical racks, shelving and drawers to efficiently store virtually any medical supplies or equipment
  • Accommodate existing cabinetry and surgical shelving

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