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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Panels within army aviation offices create productive noise-free pod areas

demountable glass privacy wall partitionsAdapting demountable glass privacy wall partitions or panels within army aviation offices creates pod areas that keep unwanted sound out. The architectural storage solutions do not expand all the way around the small spaces. Rather, users have enough open space to access the areas without injury or feeling isolated and alone. Facilities maintain a happier environment while providing employees with a quiet and safe place to work.

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Flexible reusable demountable glass privacy wall partitions maximize space

panels army aviation offices pod areasThe demountable glass privacy wall partitions can occupy awkward corners, allowing military facilities to avoid wasting premium space. Personnel has ample injury-free access to the area but work separate from others, limiting unproductive disruptions. Components span floor to ceiling, creating a pleasing unit that maximizes vertical space.

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Users can even dismantle and relocate the components elsewhere in the future. Facilities avoid leaving it behind if operations outgrow the existing space. Military branches then have the flexibility to reuse the systems in the new location. It provides a more eco-friendly and affordable alternative to spending money on building renovations.

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