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Convert wire shelves into ESD safe & economical container high density storage

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Molded, carbon-filled, copolymer polypropylene conductive shelf bins allow users to protect electronic components from typical electromagnetic interference (EMI). Adding a drag chain and plastic conductive split sleeve accessories would allow users to convert standard wire shelves into ESD safe container shelving. Those who decide to create a complete solution with package included grounding components can expect to receive an all-purpose system. As an economical high density storage unit, it ensures users have easy visibility to stored contents.

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Features for conductive shelf bins

wire shelves esd container high density storageThe permanent conductive shelf bins that keep electronic components safe come in 12", 18", and 24" depths and up to 13 sizes to accommodate user application requirements. Each has a surface resistivity fewer than 10 5 Ohms-per square and many attractive features that add affordable value. These include an open hopper front that provides easy access to stored items and a label holder which helps speed inventory identification. The systems can withstand washing with normal cleaners and users should ensure proper grounding based on applications.

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