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Compact mobile systems for increased productivity

powered compact mobile systemsJustin Story was called upon to lend his expertise when a university library was making plans to improve upon the shelving systems used for storing its collection of books.The upgrade was done as part of a renovation and annex add-on project. In order to make the best use out of the newly-designed space, as well as cut building costs and lower the percentage of space the shelving occupied, several sets of compact mobile systems were adapted to static cantilever shelving already in place. An electronically-controlled push button facilitates the moving of carriages into a smaller range of space for increased storage capacity or additional productivity. As a result, the systems effectively reduce shelving footprint, creating space for library seeking to consolidate their bookcase stacks and free up space for other purposes. Ample space was now available to accommodate collaborative work spaces, areas for studying and computers. Watch how compact mobile systems work to reduce the storage footprint.

Compact mobile systems are cost-effective investment

Not only did the compact mobile systems effectively reduce shelving footprint creating space for library conveniences, including a coffee bar on the first floor, it also enabled them to save a substantial amount on their original investment. This is because the systems could be made to fit the preexisting shelving. Less square footage was required to accommodate the addition, which was attached to the original library. New cantilever frames and bottom shelving were also added.

Compact mobile systems designed for safe operation

compact mobile reduces footprint creating space for libraryIn addition, the systems worked well to improve safety concerns when operated, used and accessed by the public. This is because they were equipped with a passive safety system, which protects users from injury while occupying open aisles of the compact mobile shelving. The microprocessor controlled infrared photoelectric system is designed to detect when someone or something is obstructing the aisle, without any conscious thought from the user. If an aisle is in use, the storage carriages are prohibited from moving, until whatever is blocking the aisle has been removed (see more information on compact mobile systems).

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