Technical utility benching workcenters design secure ergonomic workspace

service technician workstation hutchesService technician workstation hutches are a new type of storage solution used to create a spacious, personalized and well-organized work area. Technical utility benching workcenters install over heavy-duty cabinets or workbenches to design a secure 40″ high ergonomic workspace that protects stored equipment used in conjunction with intense applications. Units come in many configurations that can accommodate a slide-up door, which helps build an enclosed and safe space to secure essential tools and belongings needed to maintain a steady work flow. Designed to offer easy cable management, the system can also fit numerous accessories that promote efficient work organization while keeping work surfaces clear.

Service technician workstation hutches accessory features

Among the features available to use in conjunction with the service technician workstation hutches are:

  • Computer supports accommodate PC components such as display screens, keyboards, and mouse to promote technology integration
  • Stainless or painted utility panels to hang shelving components that help arrange space to create an area that encourages organization
  • Power feed (outlet only) panel to plug-in components that require electricity to function
  • Key lock or keyless electronic locking options available
  • Can support to store bottles
  • Charger shelf to accommodate phones
  • Plastic bin rail offers space to store containers

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Advantages to using slide-up door with technical utility benching workcenters

technical utility benching workcentersPartnering the slide-up door with the technical utility benching workcenters has many advantages. Included among them are:

  • Provides easy and continuous movement
  • Creates an enclosed and secure space to store equipment and supplies
  • Easy to open with any hand position
  • Designed to maximize available workspace
  • Features easy-grip handle
  • No need to shut down computers that display sensitive data or straighten up the work surface if it becomes necessary to step away from the workstation. The roll down door locks to provide a secure and solid line of defense against tampering from personal looking to sabotage corporate operations. So, users can come and go as needed without disruption to their day-to-day activities.

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