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Athletic lockers with vented doors & panels eliminate odor buildup

athletic lockers vented doors panelsRenovating school student sports program spaces? Have experts adapt the areas with custom athlete airflow storage, as one facility did in this case study. It features durable athletic lockers with vented doors and panels that prevent odor buildup. The perforated design allows air to flow, keeping organized items secured inside clean. Keep reading to learn about the circumstances that lead to the systems' installation.

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Other damaged "budget" lockers could no longer provide secure use, leaving school officials to deal with theft complaints every week. Coaches would often shift focus from developing athletes' talents to investigating the incidents. To prevent this behavior from continuing, the school wanted to invest in a more durable alternative.

The planning team made specific requests to ensure it would look and function as needed, including:

  • Using full and half-height systems to accommodate junior varsity and varsity players.
  • Configurations needed to resemble one another to ensure the locker room would have a cohesive appearance.
  • Units should have the capacity to prevent odor buildup, as well.

custom athlete airflow storageExperts designed athletic lockers with vented doors and side panels that allow air to circulate, eliminating odors that create unpleasant conditions. It keeps organized gear locked behind the louvered doors clean and ready to wear. Players have safe, ergonomic access to a spacious interior that keeps helmets, gear bags, and more organized.

Custom athlete airflow storage prevents theft

The custom athlete airflow storage in this case study fit the school budget and every requirement on the list. Specialized locks and access handles ensure safe and secure use, preventing further theft and mechanical issues. Coaches and students have access to a spacious and secure area and can keep things organized.

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