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Last updated: April 25, 2019

Adjustable sit-stand tables promote ergonomics improving workflow

adjustable sit stand tablesThese adjustable sit-stand tables or heavy-duty industrial desks have electric or manual controls that users operate to change the height and ensure ergonomic use. Set the workstations anywhere from 30" to 42" tall to meet departmental production needs. It takes moments to do, simplifying the process during shift changes and can help staff maintain personal health and safety. Rather than working in a stagnate position, personnel can alternate between sitting and standing to eliminate fatigue. Everyone feels less tired and can complete activities without errors, improving workflow.

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To ensure the adjustable sit-stand tables provide maximum working comfort, users must push a button or turn a hand crank. Using either mechanism, staff can raise or lower the benches to a safe height and avoid feeling too tired to finish the job. Maximize the durable solutions function with easy-to-integrate accessories. Some available options include:

  • heavy duty industrial desks electric manual controlsAdd compact drawers underneath to create more space for storing and organizing everyday tools. All who use the station then have a separate area to accommodate equipment, keeping the counters clean and accessible. During non-use, materials avoid getting stolen or damaged due to careless handling.
  • Computer mounts allow the workstations to have better ergonomics.
  • Power outlets and/or USB ports available with riser shelves to ensure staff has the network connectivity to meet workflow demands.
  • Units come with leveling glides that provide proper balance to ensure steady use on uneven floors.

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