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Computerized dispensing cabinets and mobile carts are an advanced system for secure storage and management of pharmaceuticals. The computerized system within the cabinets and carts allows for complete management of the pharmaceutical dispensing process, keeping track of who took what and for which patient. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.nurses managing pharmaceuticals with computerized mobile carts

The storage capacity in every department can be adjusted by adding sub-cabinets to the main dispensing cabinet. By default, the cabinet drawers are locked. Access is possible only after identification process and according to user’s personal authorizations. The selection process is structured and allows the flexibility for the dynamic activity of each department.

Computerized Mobile Carts for Delivering Drugs to Patient Rooms

During the process, the nurse will choose a computerized mobile cart that will assist them will the dispensing process to the patient. To avoid human error, the system will allow access to each drug within the cabinet separately, which then will be transferred to an assigned compartment in the mobile cart.

In addition to regular documentation, every transaction is recorded by a dedicated camera viewer at any time. At the end of the process, the mobile cart will contain all the required drugs, according to the nurse’s selection.

computerized dispensing cabinets will secure surgery room narcoticsUpon arrival at the patient’s bed and after scanning the id bracelet, the mobile cart will automatically present only the listed drugs according to the patient’s clinical file. The nurse confirms the operation only after the patient takes the drug. When approved, the system updates the clinical case records and subtracts the drug from the central inventory in real-time.

Computerized Dispensing Cabinets in Surgery Rooms

In surgery rooms, the computerized dispensing cabinets allows the secure storage and complete management of narcotics. Taking out narcotics is possible only by authorized users. After identifying the patient, the anesthetist can select a narcotic according to their authorizations. The cart will only give them access to the selected drug and the quantity requested.

The transaction is reported in real-time to the patient’s medical records and to the central inventory system. At the end of the operation, the anesthetist will be able to return narcotics to the computerized cart in an organized, easy and convenient way.

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