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Last updated: March 02, 2015

Mobile Racks for Storing Aircrew Flight Equipment

mobile racks storing aircrew flight equipment

A local US Air Force Base reached out to our military specialist, Justin Story, for a solution to their storage problem. Justin and the Southwest Solutions Group team worked together to design and install mobile racks to solve the problem. The mobile racks are now storing aircrew flight equipment including parachutes, life raft, and C02 bottles. Overall, the mobile racks system provided the base more dynamic storage.

Problems the Air Force Base Experienced

The Air Force Base was running out of storage space. The existing static storage units were unable to meet the capacity demands for aircrew flight equipment. The base needed a solution that would increase their storage capacity without the need for additional floor space. They also wanted a better solution for organizing the different types of aircrew flight equipment.

How the Storage Problems were Solved with Mobile Racks

Justin worked with the Air Force Base to design a mobile racks system that would meet all of their aircrew flight equipment storage needs. Customized parachute storage was designed to maximize space with added flexibility in case they need to adjust the levels at any time. 20 man, 10 man, and 1 man life rafts, as well as personal floatation devices and C02 bottles, are also stored in the mobile racks. Once the project was complete, the mobile racks tripled the storage capacity for the base within their original floor space.

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