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Last updated: June 21, 2017

Movable high density painting storage systems preserve paintings

movable high density painting storage systemsA museum was looking for a better way to display a world-renowned collection of valuable art. And because the collection was one of very few known to exist outside of Spain, with an expansive selection of Spanish works dating as far back as the 10th and 20th centuries, museum employees took extra special care in deciding how to best preserve the authenticity of the paintings. The pieces totaled more than 1,000 objects and paintings that had outgrown their previous home, so a building measuring 66,000 square feet was constructed for the sole purpose of storing the priceless works of art. Now, all that needed to be done was to choose an adequate storage solution for the paintings and objects to be hung from. After conducting extensive research on the different kinds of storage systems available, the museum had movable high density painting storage systems installed. Watch movable high density painting storage systems at work.

Tall mobile powered art racks built with greater capacity

With the installation of these tall mobile powered art racks complete, every square-inch of the building's footprint could be used to store the prized art collection in all its glory without being hampered because of insufficient space. These movable high density painting storage systems are specifically designed for hanging multiple works of various sizes on the same rack, with ample space left in between to ensure they are not damaged in any way.

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The sheer size of these systems, plus the wire mesh the display panels were fitted with, work to protect artwork from coming in contact with each other. In addition, because the material is see-through and spreads across the entire length of the display panel, curators had optimal visibility when arranging the collection for display. Also, because of the way these movable high density painting storage systems were made, they featured enough capacity for the museum to showcase more than 150 paintings from the permanent collection without double hanging. The existence of a dust canopy also kept paintings from collecting dust as they idly hung. See additional artwork storage rack images.

Movable high density painting storage systems store more in less space

tall mobile powered art racksA total of four tall mobile powered art racks were needed for the museum to adequately display their growing permanent collections. They served as storage for temporary exhibits, too! Artwork on paper was kept in specially designed stationary storage. And inactive, unframed works of art were placed on flat, open shelving with openings as narrow as three inches. To that end, no matter what form - mobile or stationary - these systems take, each provides more convenient access to stored works of art than other storage methods. And because the carriages of these movable high density painting storage systems condense when in motion, they allow for more objects and paintings to be comfortably stored in less space. This leaves space to be used for other purposes. We have a wide range of art racks available for purchase online.

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