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Industrial Mezzanines for Warehouses

industrial mezzanines billings missoula great falls bozeman butteIndustrial mezzanines in metal and steel construction are an easy way to add more storage space to warehouses without having to alter your existing facility, which costs money and causes downtime. The modular industrial mezzanines can utilize your overhead space to serve as a second or even third floor to your building without requiring any building expansions. Industrial mezzanines are available to all types of warehouses and distribution facilities in Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Butte, and throughout the state of Montana. See more mezzanine articles.

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Create More Space without Building Expansions

The modular floor systems are supported by steel columns or posts and are compatible with stairs, lifts, and other industrial equipment. Instead of expanding your building, the mezzanines allow you to use the overhead space you already have and double your storage capacity without costly construction and building modifications. The industrial mezzanines are available in numerous configurations and can be relocated or remodeled at any time your needs change. Additionally, the mezzanines allow you to use your pre-existing heating, cooling, fire suppression, and HVAC systems so you don't need to install them anew. And they can be used for almost any industry; for example, click here to watch how a museum was able to double their artifacts and archival storage by installing a mezzanine.steel metal warehouse billings missoula great falls bozeman butte

Additional benefits and features of industrial mezzanines include:

  • Mezzanines are available with several types of floor surfaces
  • Mezzanines can be equipped with lights, sprinklers, handrails, stairways, and more
  • Modular steel construction that can be taken down, relocated, or reconfigured at any time
  • Easily modified around existing equipment, building columns, and other obstructions
  • Quick installation with minimal disruptions and downtime
  • Can be integrated with elevators to facilitate easy transport of large and bulky parts from ground floor
  • Multiple standard and custom colors to choose from

Contact Us for Industrial Mezzanines

Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for industrial mezzanines to warehouses and industrial facilities in Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, and Butte. We will also provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact needs and specifications before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.


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