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Office Mobile Filing Shelves Designed for Law Firm Document Storage

Law Firm Mobile Office Shelves

Law Firm Mobile Filing Shelves are space-saving document storage cabinets that reduce lease space. These space-saving mobile filing shelves optimize the storage space for files, books, and record boxes by one-half to two-thirds the space when compared to traditional storage shelving and file cabinets. By optimizing your office storage space, more information can be stored onsite in less space reducing offsite storage costs, or the amount of lease space needed. Click here to learn more about high density mobile revit bim models

Projecting A Professional Image With Mobile Filing Shelves

Mobile Filing Shelves are perfect to project a professional image to your clients. These systems are designed to enhance organization, good housekeeping, and hide office clutter. The Mobile Filing Shelves are available in a wide selection of end panel choices ranging from laminate to real wood panels to blend in harmoniously with any décor.

Functional and Cost-Effective Mobile File Shelves for Any OfficeCustom Designed Law Firm Storage Systems

Functionality and cost-effectiveness are inherent to Mobile Filing Shelves. For example, Mobile Filing Shelves will accommodate a wide range of products from files to record storage boxes to office supplies all in one centralized storage unit. There is no need to purchase file cabinets, record box racks, and office supply cabinets because it can all be stored in the Mobile Filing Shelves. What's more important is the price point of Mobile Filing Shelves. For example, an 18' by 30' area using five-drawer lateral file cabinets would hold approximately 810 feet of files with a budget cost of $42,100, or about $52 per foot of storage. Whereas, Mobile Filing Shelves would store approximately 2,430 feet of files in the same area with a budget cost of $87,500, or about $36 per foot of storage. Add in the ability to store documents, record file boxes, and office supplies in the same storage unit, along with the space savings and you have a very functional and cost-effective storage system.

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Mobile Office File Shelves

Designing and Installing Law Firm Storage Systems

Our storage specialists will work closely with you to understand your needs and analyze your situation. After we fully understand your requirements and goals, we will provide a proposed solution with plan drawings. We install, service, and support all of the Mobile Office File Shelves we sell. Southwest Solutions Group was established in 1969 and has grown by attracting the best talent in the industry to best serve you, our valued customers. Give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message, so we can put you in touch with your local filing storage expert.


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